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Talking About Consultations

3 Ideas To Make Your Food Packaging Stand Out On The Shelf

by Dejalme Duarte

Is your business about to launch a new food product? Whether this is a brand new endeavor for you or just the latest item to be added to your product line, you're no doubt interested in seeing things get off to a good start so you can quickly recoup your development costs. But in order to do that, you'll need to make sure your product stands out. There are hundreds if not thousands of items for sale in every grocery across the country, so getting the customer to notice your new product is not an easy task. But you can give yourself a fighting chance by working with one of the top design firms in Canada to come up with a unique packaging design. Here are 3 key things that can help make food packaging stand out from the competition.

Don't Follow the Crowd

If you want to beat your competition, your packaging has to stand out from them. Walk a local grocery and take a look at every package that could possibly be stocked next to yours one day soon. What are the common themes? If a lot of the packaging has a lot going on in the design, a more simple design could stand out and vice versa. You will of course want to make sure the final design remains true to the essence of your product of course, but don't be afraid to look different than everyone else.

Attack Their Appetite

There's a reason that people say you should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. The best food packaging is designed to get the attention of your appetite through the visuals it uses on the front. In other words, you want what your potential customers see with their eyes to have a connection to their taste buds. Come up with the most visually appealing shot of your food that you can. A top design firm can help you with the photo shoot if necessary.

Give Them Meal Ideas

So the customer noticed your package and went over to pick it up but they're not sold yet. How do you close the deal? The back of the packaging should be filled with tips on how the customer can use the product. While most people will know what the product is primarily used for, you may be able to surprise them with a unique recipe on the back. This can also be a great idea to cross-sell other food products in your company's portfolio if it makes sense for the recipe.

Selling a new food product isn't easy with all of the competition out there, but you can give your new item a fighting chance by getting the packaging right. Hiring a top design firm may be beneficial as you will be able to brainstorm a unique idea that allows you stand out from the crowd. But at least make sure the packaging plays on the customer's senses with a great visual and then closes the deal by giving them great ideas on how they can use your product in their next meal.

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