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Talking About Consultations

Creating A More Ergonomic Workspace For Reception Staff

by Dejalme Duarte

The reception staff in your office likely spends most of the workday sitting behind the front counter, and employing office ergonomics can help each employee feel more comfortable throughout the day. With a few changes to the furnishings and equipment you provide, you can create an arrangement that helps reduce strain and fatigue. Here are a few suggestions you can use to help your reception staff power through each day in comfort.

Monitor Risers

Monitor risers can help put the reception desk computer screens at a more comfortable height. This means your staff members won't have to hunch down or strain to see the screen as they work. Choose adjustable risers so each employee can find the perfect configuration. Some risers come with built-in storage underneath, which puts notepads, pens, and other office essentials close at hand.


Footrests under the desk can help promote better posture and keep the legs and feet more comfortable. Adjustable models make it easy to change the angle throughout the day for a more personalized setup, and they typically feature nonskid surfaces to prevent feet from slipping off. Some models also feature cushions to provide a bit of extra support for sore and tired feet. If your reception desk features a modesty panel in front, your staff members can even kick off their shoes while they work. Because this is a more personal item, you may want to purchase a separate footrest for each employee.

Wrist Rests

Typing throughout the day can cause strain on the hands, wrists and fingers. Properly positioning the wrists can help alleviate some discomfort and strain. You can purchase ergonomic keyboards with built-in wrist rests, or you can look for standalone models that can be placed just underneath the keyboard. Be sure to select wrist rests that are machine-washable or easily cleaned, as dust, dirt, and even skin cells can collect quickly. Apply the same practice to mouse pads in the office by selecting designs that have built-in padding. Gel padding is a great option, as it conforms to the shape of the wrist for a customized fit.

Fully Adjustable Chairs

While the chairs in your office might already feature height adjustment levers, fully adjustable chairs may offer more comfort and better ergonomics. Adjustable tilt tension, seat depth, and back height can all make it easier for your reception staff to find a more supportive configuration. Look for chairs with built-in lumbar support and waterfall seat edges, as these features can help relieve lower back discomfort and may also help keep legs and feet more comfortable as well. Discuss the new chairs with your staff before purchasing so you can be sure everyone has the perfect fit for long days spent checking in visitors and fielding customer or client calls.

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