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Talking About Consultations

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late: 4 Reasons To Have A Confined Spaces Rescue Service Onsite

by Dejalme Duarte

If your company conducts projects that require crews to work underground, or in confined spaces, you need to be prepared for emergency situations. This is especially true of situations that could require any type of confined space rescue operations. Rescues involving confined spaces require specialized training. The best way to be prepared for this type of situation is to work with a confined spaces rescue team. Having a confined spaces rescue team onsite ensures that you'll be ready to act, should the need arise. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to have a confined spaces rescue team onsite. 

Reduce Workplace Anxiety

When the threat of being trapped in a confined space is part of the job, your workers may experience significant workplace anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety increases the risk of accidents and injuries. It also increases the risk of mistakes that could lead to an emergency situation. One way to reduce workplace anxiety is to have a confined spaces rescue team onsite during hazardous projects. Anxiety is reduced when workers know that a rescue team is ready and waiting to take action, should the need arise. 

Utilize Valuable Rescue Time

When an accident occurs and you've got workers trapped in a confined space, you don't have time to wait for help. In fact, the longer you wait for help, the worse the outcome may be. When you have workers trapped, you need to get the rescue operation underway as quickly as possible. That's where the onsite confined space rescue team comes into play. When you have a confined space rescue team onsite, you don't need to waste valuable time. Your rescue team can get to work immediately.

Ensure Access to Equipment

When it comes to rescues involving confined spaces, there's specialized equipment that is needed. Unfortunately, most worksites don't have that type of equipment on hand. If you don't have access to the necessary equipment, your crew may need to remain trapped for a longer period of time. That won't be the case when you have a confined spaces rescue team onsite already. You'll have access to all the equipment your team will need to facilitate the rescue of your trapped workers. 

Allow for Routine Safety Training

Finally, if your crews work in hazardous situations on a regular basis, you need to know that they're trained for emergency situations. One of the best ways to ensure that type of training is conducted correctly is to use an onsite rescue team. The rescue team can teach your crew the steps they'll need to take to keep themselves safe when they're trapped in a confined space.

For more information about using confined space rescue services, contact a local team.